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Carrière Du Hainaut

Carrière Du Hainaut / Pflaster

Farmhouse Paving

A traditional paving stone with a sawn upper face. Simple and elegant, this flagstone which dressed walkways and courtyards of farmhouses of yesteryear, has lost nothing of its timeless charm. Like a return to the source, it's back in fashion today, and as authentic as ever. Use with cement joints or with grassed joints for a harmonious beauty.

Be inspired by the best creative minds who use this paving stone in the most original ways. As a wall covering, it shows it completely traditional surface, with the rough-hewn sides adding a highly decorative element. Or, on steps, where the rough edge gives it and extra twist.

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Farbe : nuanced light grey with blue lines
Dichte : 2687 Kg/m3
Wear resistance Capon : 18,8 mm


Frostbeständigkeit : Zero
Herkunft : Belgium
Porosität : 0,36 %
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