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Beautiful batches of restored old sandstone cobblestones. These cobblestones meet your aesthetic criteria and bring you the authenticity and charm of yesteryears. With irregular shapes, uneven relief, and an incomparable natural patina, they blend perfectly with any decor. Due to their thickness, they are suitable for traffic, and their regular sizes facilitate installation. Our Belgian sandstone cobblestones are also available in a thinner format. We saw the top of the stone to offer a thin stone, with a thickness ranging between 2 and 4 cm. The other part of the stone, called "SAWN" or "HAUT ANTIC" depending on your needs, is particularly used for accessibility for people with limited mobility thanks to its perfect flatness. Various sizes are offered for the sawn top: 15x15x6/8 cm and 15x15x9/12 cm. Various sizes are offered for the HAUT ANTIC stones: 15x15x2/3 cm.

Exterior ground
Technical sheet
  • OriginBelgium
  • Density2620 kg/m3
Technical sheet
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Sawing your cobblestones

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