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Our thin street cobblestones, also known as "kinderkoppen," bear a surface weathered naturally by the passage of time. We execute a precise cut to preserve only the upper part of the cobblestone, making them ideal for applications such as laying on existing concrete surfaces or for pedestrian walkways and terraces. These old cobblestone heads retain the charm and authenticity of bygone eras. Their irregular shapes, uneven relief, and incomparable natural patina make them perfectly suited for all types of decorations, contributing to the creation of the most beautiful designs. This cobblestone is also available in a square format. Interestingly, these thin cobblestones can also be installed with the sawn surface facing upwards to create edges or accesses that comply with the standards for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM). One cobblestone, two textures, two solutions... everything to meet your requirements.

Exterior ground
Technical sheet
  • OriginBelgium
  • Density2700 kg/m3
Technical sheet
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